As the saying goes,
"When God closes one door, he opens another."   
In the summer of '96, I picked up a paintbrush and walked through that door.  With absolutely no art or design background but my love of gardening as inspiration, this new career began by painting a garden scene on a birdhouse, then a door, then another on my neighbor's wall.  Since then, I have painted thousands of spaces in homes and businesses.  Subjects ranging from palm trees, bears, flowers and vines, waterfalls, fish, jungles, sports themes and Tuscany looks have delighted my clients.  My attention to detail has allowed clients to put their trust in my skill and creativity.  I'm committed  to provide a service which fits into nearly any budget. Whether you have a specific vision, general thoughts or no idea at all, I'd welcome the opportunity to brainstorm with you and create a custom, affordable look  to reflect your personal taste.

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My Story

by Nancy Billy Maher

Nancy's Painted Garden